10 Cottagecore dresses for spring

Hello country girls! The end of winter is approaching, the month of February begins, leaving the month of March to appear timidly behind it. And with it, spring! Spring is a special season for Cottagecore lovers because it is the time when Nature wakes up. Persephone rises from her descent into Hell, and when she sets foot on Earth, she leaves behind her traces of spring in her path. What to wear as a Cottagecore dress when spring returns? In this article we are going to do a quick review of all the Cottagecore styles to adopt for this spring.

10. The short Cottagecore dresses.

 Because the ideal of young girls in Cottagecore is geographically located in the English moors, the dresses are generally inspired by the late 19th century. They are long, most of the time, long. But there are Cottagecore dresses that blend with the aesthetic of the Lolita, and more specifically the Casual Lolita. That is, they are simple Lolita dresses, which can be worn everywhere in everyday life: work, school, university. These dresses are also inspired by current Japanese fashion. They are defined by a shorter length of tissue, which stops just above the knees. This helps to bring a more childish style to the outfit, cuter, but also more modern.

9. Cottagecore plaid dresses.

 Plaid dresses are more in a Scottish vein. The checkered patterns immediately send us back to the mountains, nature, and the rustic. Indeed, there is something rustic and pleasant about this timeless pattern. The great thing about plaid dresses is that they come in all colors and shapes to suit the maximum taste.

8. Cottagecore polka dots dresses.

 In a more vintage and light spirit, there are of course the dresses with small dots. Polka-dot dresses immediately call for fun, "joie de vivre", and an optimism that reflects our state of mind in the first days of spring. Polka-dot dresses are often light and airy, flowing. Thus, they allow you to understand the summer seasons in the best possible way.

7. The Cottagecore prairie dresses.

 The rural aesthetic of Cottagecore has its roots in the depths of the countryside. The countryside has its traditions and its codes. The peasant dresses are primarily intended to be practical, enough to go for a stroll in the countryside without risking damaging your beautiful clothes. Dresses in a country style are those with typical embroidery, imitating those of ancient local embroidery. You can also find dresses that overlap several layers of clothing. Thus, they are more resistant than the others.

6. The 19th century Cottagecore dresses.

 The 19th century style dresses are quite long. They hug the feminine figure, and they often have long sleeves. These doll dresses are perfect for Jane Eyre lovers. The advantage of their length is that they keep you warm when spring is still shy. Just because these are long dresses, does not mean they cannot be modernized! Today's dresses mimic the form of those of the late 19th century, while stripping away the superfluous. Goodbye lace and endless ruffles, goodbye bodice, and too tight bust. Hello, the pretty Peter Pan collars, the bows at the waist, the colorful prints, and the flowing skirts.

5. Gothic Cottagecore dresses.

 While for some, spring makes you want to wear bright colors, there are others who subscribe to the color black. We reassure you right away, Gothic Cottagecore dresses can very well be associated with spring! Black is a total, distinct, and elegant color. Cottagecore spring dresses are airy and supple. They do not retain your body heat on you like in winter, but on the contrary, they have several vents to allow you to wear black, even at the end of May.

4. The pale pink Cottagecore dresses.

 Pink is a color loaded with symbolism. Pink is love, it is also passion, the color of the first rose petals… In our Western world, today it is traditionally associated with young girls - although there is a century in Europe, the color of the young girls was light blue… Nevertheless, the pale pink Cottagecore dresses imitate the reflections of the flesh. It is the pink of the lips, the pink of the fingertips ... A discreet and sparkling color, which you can use and disillusion in spring. Pink can also be associated with Venus.

3. Cottagecore velvet dresses.

 Velvet is a material that can keep you very warm. Only when the fabric is fine enough, it turns out perfect for spring. Just warm enough to keep us from freezing in the morning, yet it is flexible enough to breathe us during the day. Velvet is a chic, luxurious, and incredibly soft material. We immediately want to touch the material. Finally, if you want to be adorable as a doll, velvet dresses will suit you perfectly. Everyone will want to hug you!

2. Traditional Cottagecore dresses.

 By traditional we mean that the dresses imitate those of old European times, such as those of the Middle Ages. Corsets are back in fashion! Only, we no longer want those corsets that trap our chest cover and make us spit out all the air from our lungs. Some Cottagecore dresses are inspired by these ancient sartorial traditions, for example by taking the shape of a corset for the bust, even the embroidery of a traditional corset, without being disturbing, suffocating, and old-fashioned.

1. The must-have: Cottagecore floral dresses

  Floral dresses are timeless. Women have always worn them, in all seasons, and in all eras. However, these floral dresses appear particularly charming when the first rays of the sun reappear! Sensitive and romantic, they give you the look of a 19th century English country woman.

Honor Persephone who rises to the surface !

Cottagecore style is practical in its universality. We are all sensitive to the changing seasons. These climatic variations punctuate our year, the brand, and build it. What would we be if May did not bring its cherries? Take the opportunity to try your hand at the Cottagecore aesthetic. Hopefully, we will not be locked down one time again, in which case… We still have Nature and social media to escape us. And this is the essence of Cottagecore: to bring us back to something simpler and less rushed. This spring take the opportunity to slow down a bit. Take time for yourself, have fun. This should be your main goal.

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